Monday, November 15, 2010

Are you hungry?

You know waking up at 2am for like the fourth day in a row by a screaming toddler with a fever is like FUN.  Jocelyn has had a fever every day since Wednesday...or Thursday...or was it Monday I cannot remember.  She's had a fever for a few days now.  How about that?

That's it, she has no cold, she's not sick in anyway, just a fever so I'm hoping it's just a tooth and not something else. 

And I'm hoping the bastard breaks through soon because I am back to headaches and dizziness every damn day.

I got up this morning, it's butt ass cold out side and thought 'Mmmm oatmeal sounds so good today'.  Ok so it was more 'fuck it I'll make oatmeal it's easy' but it sounds better the other way doesn't it? 

Anyway, it's a new canister, and one of those ginormous family value sized ones.  Normally I can carry those puppies by palming the top.  But not this sucker.  The first time I picked it up it bent the lid.  Me in my half awake state didn't pay attention.

I opened the brand new canister, pured and made me a bowl of oatmeal.  As I was putting the canister back inside the cabinet, guess what happened?

I palmed it again, although I'd just seen the evidence that that wasn't a smart idea.  The lid popped off, the canister slid out of my hand and half of the brand new container spilled all over the floor and inside the cabinet.

Picture it, I'm on my hands and knees with a dustpan and the brush thingy that comes with it, sweeping up a good 20 servings of dry oatmeal.  Jocelyn is standing next to me patting my back saying 'Mama mess, it's ok' over and over.  But then it would change to 'No no Mama, no make mess' whenever I stood up to empty the dustpan.

Yeah thank you sugar, it's your fault after all.

I emptied that damn thing 3 times, each time I left a trail to the trash can it was so damn full!

And after all that she won't eat it!!!!!!

Have I mentioned we've switched to decaf? 

No, well guess what I CAN'T EVEN HAVE A DECENT CUP OF COFFEE TO HELP MY MORNINGS.....I'm going to go hold my teddy bear and cry now.


McKenzie said...

Oh I feel for you! My little man has teeth coming in, also. Sleep? What's sleep? Get some rest soon!

Nikki said...

You too! This is one of those times I'd gladly take a nanny to let her handle stuff for a while, ;).