Saturday, November 13, 2010

You can thank me later

Yesterday Bo forgot to take his inhaler with him, and so by last night he was coughing and wheezing and is still feeling pretty crappy.  We decided to postpone the painting since he's still having breathing issues. 

We'd rather not make it worse since he is obviously still sick.

We decided to let my parents take the munchkins anyway and have a date.  Something we haven't done in a while.  Movie and dinner, just the two of us. 

If you are thinking of watching Due Date, don't.  I admit it has a few funny parts, but it's not enough to make up for the fact that the movie sucks.

It's like someone said "Ok we're going to make a movie.  I want everyone to write down the stupidest, wildest, craziest, scariest, dangerous thing you can think of that might possibly happen on let me think ~snaps fingers~oooh on a road trip with a stranger.  We'll put the ideas in a hat and draw a few."  Then everyone wrote something down, placed it in a hat and then the person said "You know what, fuck it, lets take all your ideas and put it in one movie.  Why not?  Who cares if it makes any sense?  We'll still make money on the dumb asses that goes to see the movie before word gets out that it's bad"...maniacal laughter.

If you've seen it and liked it, good for you.  I however think it sucked ass.

My favorite part was where the guy was jerking off while the other one was asleep and then when he gets caught he tells him to just close his eyes it will be over soon, or something to that affect.  When asked how long he shrugs and says about 30 minutes, as if it takes no time at all.   Then it pans to the dog, who's going at it like a teenage boy who just discovered Playboy.  Although the people laughing in the audience was way funnier.  They laughed as if it were the funniest thing they'd ever seen.  I think that was one of the few scenes where everyone laughed...and by everyone I mean the 10 of us. 

So if you're curious check it out, but I'm telling you, you're wasting your money.  I can tell you the best parts and then you'll save yourself money and time that you'll never get back.  Although Robert Downy Jr. is kinda hot in it and Jamie Fox makes a small appearance.

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McKenzie said...

Sounds like I ought to add it to my 'Do Not See' list!