Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Found my way

Yesterday I had the urge to write.  I was so happy to feel that again that I squeezed it and cuddled it and it was my squishy.

Since I was mid rewrite on a couple scenes I couldn't get to work, I had to re-read the whole shabang and try to figure out what's wrong.  It's still not sitting right with me and I'm still not sure what it is.  But something is off or missing. 

I'm going to finish the two scenes I was working on, then pick up on the story where I left off.  Maybe if I get the whole thing finished then I can figure out what is wrong with those two scenes.  Maybe it will make it easier to fix.  Maybe....

Oh well I'll worry about that later. 

Jocelyn is showing signs of boredom so I'm obviously way too engrosed in this story today.  I've caught her many times laying in the floor sucking her thumb just staring at the wall.  I think she may need some attention...you think?

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