Thursday, November 04, 2010

What a fing morning

For the past three days Bo has been home sick with a nasty cold/sinus infection.  I've been the one getting up doing the coffee, getting the kids breakfast, getting Bailey ready, etc. and as we all know I am so not a morning person.  So today I handed just the coffee making duties back to him since I'd hoped he was better.  He's not, and he's going to the dr today, but that's a whole other post.

Both the 6 and the 6:30 alarm went off, yet he fell back to sleep and so did I.

I woke up hearing his watch alarm going off telling him it's 7am.  OMFG!

Yes we have three alarms, and it's not for me...ahem.

I jumped up out of bed, ran to get Bailey, asked everything holy to get his jeans dry on time as I shoved them into the dryer, scrambled to get him something to eat and their chocolate milk ready, all with barely opened eyes.

That is when things got really fun.

Bailey decides he wants to fight us on EVERYTHING.  He knows he's not supposed to yell and be loud when she's asleep and he ALWAYS forgets this...yet the shit can count to 300 before he gets tired of counting and can remember what we did two years ago, down to the day.  Twice we got onto him for being loud and twice he growled at us.

Laptop taken away.

Then I ask him to go brush his teeth and he starts crying!  OMFG seriously cause brushing your teeth is the same as poking your eyeball with a red hot poker.  He stands in there crying for a while then comes out and screams 'Mama I want you to come in here and brush my teeth'.  We order his little butt into the living room, get on to him for the bazillionth time for being loud when he knows he shouldn't and thus began a total breakdown OVER NOTHING.

Rockband taken away.

I told him I was not going to help him because he was misbehaving and he does not get rewarded for acting like that.  I send him to the bathroom to brush his teeth alone.  For 10 minutes he stood in that bathroom crying.

Like we weren't already late.

Like our morning didn't already suck ass.

By this point I was trying half assed to get dressed so Bo had to go in there and make him brush his teeth, of course he fought and screamed and was hateful too, causing him to get two swats.

You'd think by then he'd get the hint to stop being an asshole, but no, he figured everything was a ok for him to continue his tirade.

Then Bo basically had to dress him because he was crying and whimpering and acting as if his pj's weight a ton and that he'd forgotten how to dress himself.  He tells us over and over how we've broken his heart. PUHLEASE.

THEN he argues about wearing a coat.  HELLO it's 40 degrees out there you are so wearing this coat even if I have to glue the bastard to you.

Because we were running so late, and before his whole tard meltdown began, we told him he could take his dry cereal and chocolate milk in the car.  The second I asked him if he still wanted to take them, the crying stopped, the whining stopped and he answered back in a totally normal tone 'yes cause you said I could'.

Yeah you are SOOOOO upset right now.  Fing faker.

I made love to my first cup of coffee and I'm totally giving my second one a good tongue bath.  So far, it's the only perky thing about my morning.

On the way to school, he'd calmed down and we had a talk about how his behavior makes my and Daddy's job hard and how that is not nice.  I asked him if he was going to try to be better and he said yes.  And that was that, he was fine.  We talked about what he could be doing today, about how I'd miss him and how I loved him.  All was well.

Then I didn't see him walk into the door, which I have to do, OCD you know.  Normally I can spot his shiny backpack, but either he was walking very very slow or the sun didn't reflect off of it as usual, because I didn't see him walk through while I was watching out my rear view.  With the rough morning we had, I began to panic because I MUST see him walk through or I create all sorts of scenarios of where he is.  I watched for a few minutes and never saw him, then I had to move because of traffic.  I know there are parents all around there and kids, and two teachers helping kids out of the cars and I know that that little booger knows to go straight to the door and no where else.  But it doesn't stop my imagination coming up with all sorts of scenarios, and then of course I have that thought of 'what if something happened to him'.

I'm fighting the urget to call and check up on him.  It would be the fourth or fifth time that this has happened, that I haven't seen him walk through and have had to call.  Each time it's the same, he's here and he's fine.  I do not want the school to know me as THAT mom.  I know I could walk him in everyday and wouldn't have to worry about this, but some mornings it's not possible and he likes walking in by himself.  So I let him, and every so often I don't get a chance to stop the car and watch for him and then this happens and my day is a wreck until I see his cute smiling face at 3.

Bo's on his way to the doctor, I'm on my second cup of coffee, my nerves are having a party, and my eyes are just now not fighting me to stay open....who do I need to speak to to make sure the rest of the day is better?

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