Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Whose homework is it?

I don't remember having homework until I was in MAYBE the second grade.  But then again my memory sucks so who knows. 

Bailey is in an advanced reading group since he's ahead of the other kids in class.  Twice a week he goes, gets a book and we're supposed to log it after he reads it.  Plus he reads a book every night at home, and we're not sure whether we document that book as well.  Either way the boy is reading, and we're behind with that damn log.

We're just now used to the school day routine, and then they throw this at me and I'm like shit shit shit where do I fit this in? 

Typically it's done now...and is being done right now actually... because the afternoon's are a mad rush to get things finished and ready for tomorrow.  I remember his book, but it's always when I'm picking up the living room right before his bedtime and run across his backpack or the book, smack my head and yell for Bo to help him read the book.

Yeah you read that right, his Mama is the book worm, his Daddy is so so not, and yet it's Daddy that does the reading.  All the reading.  It's their one on one time after all.

I am going to have to add in a spot in the afternoon or evening on the schedule for his homework.  Otherwise the poor child will be behind and the teachers will wonder how he reads so well if he never reads at home.

Woohoo one more thing I have to keep track of.  Oh skippy.


-MissC* said...

That's how it is with Caden too. We have to log a new book each night. Plus his chapter book that he has to read out of each day.
AND then he still has math homework to do. YAY.

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