Monday, November 08, 2010

What the???!!!

Bo was sick and stayed home all last week.  Bronchitis sucks did you know that?  And somehow having him home everyday, although sick and crashed out on the couch, I went on a house cleaning vacation.

My once sparkly clean, yes Miss it was CLEAN, is now a messy kitchen.  Every inch of the counters are COVERED in dishes, trash, food/condiments, etc.  It's ridonkulous.

Our dirty clothes hamper was almost empty, like one load left empty.  And now?  Well now it's over flowing.  Additional ridonkulous

I walked in the kitchen this morning, had to shove things and pile things just to get to the coffee pot.  Normally I'd be saying 'MOTHERFUCKINGPIECEOFSHIT!' in my head over and over as I looked around the disgusting mess that has spread over my kitchen.  But not this morning.

My thoughts were 'I can clean this'.

I blame Jo she's a bad influence on me.  Too positive it's not natural...;) mwauh my friend!

I've been trying to be more positive, it's best to say that I'm more successful at brain surgery on most days.  But today for some weird reason, it's there.  Not that I have the energy to become a cleaning maniac, but at least I can look at the terrible mess my once clean house has become and not be pissed off or frustrated at how much work I have to do now. 

So yeah...what the???!!!

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