Saturday, November 06, 2010

Depressing yet stress free

We've hit a roadblock in the house selling/buying department.  As of today, we've looked at close to 20 houses for sell, and only one has caught our eye.  And unless we sell our land we cannot get it.  Since it's location and the low sells in land/lots, the likely hood of us selling that land before Savannah is bought, is pretty slim.  Even if the house has been listed or over a year, it can get snagged any time and I'm shocked that it hasn't already.

So we're pulling the plug.

The whole renting option won't work, because we won't be getting any equity from the house to use as a down payment and to pay off the one small loan we have left. 

We'll be re-listing our land with our realtor once it's current contract expires...which I'd like to send a shout out to the realtor that is covering this right now.  YOU SUCK, you have no signs up, and you don't even have it listed ANYWHERE.  How the fuck do you think you are going to sell it?  Next time we won't be using FIL's realtor.

Once it sells, if Savannah is still available then we'll list our house and hope we can sell it ASAP.  If it's not, then we'll have to start our search over but hopefully by then more things will be available.  As it is, our house is the nicest we've seen next to Savannah that we can afford.  Kinda makes us look at our house differently and figure out ways to make it work for us.

We're both pretty disapointed, we really really want Savannah but it's too big of a financial long shot right now and the last thing we want is struggling to survive just to have the house of our dreams.

But hey this means I don't have to kick my ass to keep my house sparkly right now...I can put it off until later.

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