Friday, November 19, 2010

Yup I'm a sucker

Today was Bailey's Thanksgiving Day lunch at school.  This morning I reminded him that once lunch was over, I'd be coming home and he'd stay.  He was like oook as if he thought I'd lost my marbles at bringing it up.

I have to throw out that I was designated trash mom, LOL.  His teacher announced "Please throw away your trays in the the trash bag that Bailey's Mom is holding up".  I'm now the cool mom with the big trash bag, yippee. 

After everyone ate they put on a little play, then his teacher made the comment about some parents taking their kids home.

And all hell broke loose.

He came up to me crying and said he wanted to go home too.  I told him he had to stay, it wouldn't be but 2 hours until I would come to pick him up, but it did no good.  He bawled huge tears as if I'd just ripped his little heart out.  I have never felt so terrible in my life.  But I stuck to my original plan of him staying.  I waited until he was distracted by their 'special guest', a guy dressed as Squanto, then snuck out.

The whole way to the car I kept picturing his little face and how badly he wanted to come home.  I felt terrible but I kept going.  You can't show weakness or they take over, you know.  I got to the car, started it, pulled out and was like crap I can't do it.  I parked and called for back up.  I called my Mama.  She said she'd take him if others were leaving too and it wouldn't hurt this time.

So I walked ALL the way back to his classroom and took him home.

Only to have the little shit go home with my mom for the weekend.

I think I just got used by a 5 year old....

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