Monday, November 22, 2010

I hate, no loath, no dispise roller coasters!

Yup, can't stand 'em.  The ups and downs and turns and flips and the moment where your stomach is in your throat, makes me nauseous and I'd much rather go on a damn merry go round, around and around and around cause at least IT'S FUCKING CONSISTANT.

Ever since we decided to stop torturing me we have had even more possible ways to buy Savannah.  It's like it's down pouring with possiblitlies and what if's and ooooh maybe we can's.  So much so that my head is spinning, and I'm getting very close to being sick of the topic all together.

Until I see Savannah again then I'm ready to sleep with whoever I have to to get it.

But seriously, this up and down crap is really getting to me.  I was back to being calm after we decided not to put the house up for sale right now.   I could breath again.  I could read again.  I could WRITE again.  But now it's all back and it's just as worse, just as high, just as jittery and I don't even have real coffee to help me cope.

You better be thankful I'm putting in punctuation cause this is in one long sentence in my all caps...with a crazy person lilt.

I had to get that out there, even though I won't be explaining anything more because I'm tired of saying hey guess what if we do this we can get the house.  Nope, done done done.  But I wanted to send this out so you know what the crazy lady is up to....again.

Now I'm off to pick up my son from school then I'm going to go get me a ring pop, and a Pepsi, put on some Matchbox 20 and pretend it's 1999 again.....


Christy said...

I hate to tell you this but I LOVE roller coasters. They are awesome!

Nikki said...

Not fair, I thought you were on my side! ;)...there's also the part where I'm EXTREMELY scared of heights that kills it for me.