Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Farther and farther away

It's still tough sometimes when it hits me, Jocelyn is my last baby.  I still want another baby, if not more than one.  But I know myself, I know I couldn't handle it.  Plus Bo's swimmers are no more.  So it's adopting if we do decide to have more. 

Which is what we've always wanted to do.  But it's still painful to think I'll never be pregnant again.

Anywho, Jocelyn turns 2 in little over a month and over the weekend she asked to have her diaper changed.  Potty training, le sigh.  I HATE diapers, I HATE changing them and  I REALLY REALLY HATE THAT MY BEDROOM/BATHROOM SMELLS LIKE THEM.  On that front, yes yes yes am I ready to be past this phase.  But it also means, no more baby. 

It's tough to think of her as being 2, or almost 2 anyway.  I've been saying she's almost 2 for a while now; people without kids look at me weird when I say 20 months.  I thought I'd get used to it, but I haven't.  She's too damn small to be 2.  She's too damn cute to be 2.  She still picks things up and tries to eat them, 2 year olds don't do that...right?

We've started the potty training, and she seems to be very excited and interested.  WOOHOO.  But it is only day 2, and we aren't 100% training.  No I don't think it's good to one day be all diapers and the next day none.  I think it confuses them and makes them more likely to protest.  That's just me, even though everyone tells me I have to be strict about it and make it happen.  Thanks for the advice, glad it worked for you, but you are not me...and you don't know my daughter.

Who pooped and peed in her pullup within 10 minutes of sitting down on the potty for the second time, and gave me a grin and an ornery giggle when I told her "Uh oh we need to go in the potty".    It's little by little with this one, cause she fights you the whole way.


Katie said...

Potty training. This is the MAJOR thing I think about evertime my biological clock starts ticking all loud and obnoxiously. I thought it would never end. It did, of course, but ugh. The torment. The anguish.
I hope yours goes well. (And quickly.) :)

Nikki said...

Thanks Katie! You and me both girlfriend. I may have extra booze stocked up for this one, LOL.