Thursday, December 30, 2010

No innocence in this house

So I can admit that most of the time I don't do anything around the house because I don't want to and lack the discipline to make myself.  I'm working on it, it's a slow process it seems.

But yesterday was proof that it's not just me I'm working against, it's this little ankle bitter named Jocelyn that ups the level of difficulty.

A nasty sinus bug has been passed around this house over the past two weeks, I'm the last one to get it and poor Jocelyn has had it the worst.  Her eyes are all puffy and before we took her in to the dr to get better meds to help her, she could barely see out of them.  She was practically squinting, it was pitiful to see.  But now that the prescriptions have kicked in, she's able to see out of those pretty blues....and her spunk has returned with a vengeance.

I tried to put up the three hundred loads of laundry that's been piling up while she was awake.  She got into both my and Bo's nightstand drawer, she started pulling my jewelry off the dresser, she started yanking the clothes off the bed and throwing them into the floor, took the clothes out of the bins, ran into our bathroom and was about to go on a treasure hunt, then when I shut the door she started the entire process AGAIN.  Thirty minutes and only barely separated clothes later, I gave up and we came back to the living room.

Considering I had a bad headache yesterday and was exhausted from Joss keeping us up at night because of her runny nose, I didn't try to do much else.  But every time I had to go pee it was like OOOOOHHHHH PLAY TIME and she would proceed to go nuts getting into everything she could.  All the while I'm sitting on the john yelling and sometimes screaming NO JOCELYN DO NOT TOUCH THAT, while she smiled and didn't miss a beat.

Well dinner time rolled around and since we have already done takeout once this week, I had to cook.  I was dreading it and put it off until the last possible minute.  I had veggies to cut up that I was going to roast and that would be enough time for her to do all sorts of crazy.

What shouldn't have taken me more than 15 minutes to do, took me 45!  Oh yeah 45 minutes to chop up broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and part of an onion.  Here's what she did that time: had returned to messing with the Xbox even though she'd been told not to a million times already that day, put everything she could find in her mouth, stood up on the window seal using her desk as a ladder, then would climb over onto said desk that is wobbly and is not meant to hold a child, THEN, and here's my favorite,  she climbed inside the playpen/toybox in her room.  How you may be wondering?  I'm not exactly sure, but I think she used one of her toys as a launching off point.  When I went to go get her, the little ass laid down and shut her eyes. 

I managed to get dinner going, thankfully it was roasting and grilling so not a whole lot of babying needed.  Bo got home, and although I do feel terrible because I know he didn't feel good either and had a long day, I checked out completely. 

I have no plans for anything today...because I'm afraid of what she may do.

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Katie said...

Oh dear. Sounds like you need a vacation.
Hopefully you are all feeling better soon.