Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Much to think upon

Over the past couple of month's I've done three book reviews for Literary Escapims, two haven't been published yet, that I didn't enjoy and it's got me to thinking about my own stories.

When writing, I rarely focus on anything but getting what I see in my head out on paper.  I don't sit and really explore it from an outsiders view to make sure I show the characters grow and evolve.  I don't make sure I give enough information to keep people from being confused about things.  I just write and re-do it if it doesn't work for me.

After reading these books though, I realize I really need to refocus my writing.  It's not just about me, and how I see the story because what I see is different from what you will see.  I know the background, I know the characters history and who they are, so most of that gets left out.  Not on purpose, but because I don't need it to write the story, I already have it in my head and build from it.  But you as a reader need that to follow the story properly and to actually enjoy it.

I just write the story, as a skeleton per say, and plan on coming in after it's finished and add the rest of the emotional, character building, backgrounds and inner monologues that's needed to give it more life. It's really hard to write all that, at least for me, at the time it's pouring out of my head. To me it's like an extra fast conversation, and I'm stumbling to keep my fingers up to speed to document it all. I take the seat of the character, and do my best to explain the way I feel and how I'm processing the situation while trying to explain what's going on all at the same time as fast as my chubby fingers can go. But that means I miss things, I dismiss things, I skip things just to keep my momentum and keep up with my thoughts. And that will so kill the story.
The last book I finished (that review hasn't been published) had the promise of an awesome book but turned out to be a sad dud, partly due to it being a short book/story.  It read like a rough draft with the author forgetting to come back in and fill in the blanks.  So much wasn't explained that needed to be explained.  There were sooo many holes and cliffs popping up left and right where the story just dropped off.  Like one scene where a high tech device was mentioned by way of what it did but nothing more, no explanation of what it was or how it worked or even a name, just the character asking for things and bam he got them.  One character got two pages (Kindle pages at that) to come to terms with the truth, and instantly accepted it without any doubt.  It's sad that such a great idea never really got off the ground.

It made me sit back and rethink the story I'm working on, that is yet to be named...I kinda like that tile 'Yet to be Named', hahaha ok not much sleep over here just work with me.  I realized that I'm telling a story that I really like it and am proud of, but there's still so much missing from it.  From where I'm sitting now, someone could totally say that my story lacked heart and you don't get a sense of the characters or the world they live in.  I can see it, even without re-reading the story as proof.

There's also something about this story that is giving me trouble, is in my head it's a three book series.  And after lots of research, I know now that having a book that is part of a series at the starting gate is a HUGE no-no.  No publication company wants a series from a newbie, because they can't promise sales and more than likely will lose money on the deal.  J.K. Rowling is a freak of nature peeps.  It's made me wonder if I can pull off making it only one book but I know I can't.  It's a three part story, there's no way of getting around that without making it into another story all together.  This has left me wondering where to go and what to do with it.  Do I let it sit there until I've gotten a few books under my belt?  Or do I write it, and the two to follow while it's fresh in my mind and worry about a single book to start out with later?

It's kept me from really enjoying my writing lately, and from getting all that much done.  And it's made it easier for me to make the story generic, because I'm doubting and wondering if this is what I should be working on right now. 

I don't want someone to put my book down and have the same thought I did with the last book I read.  I thought 'oh what it could have been if the author had actually finished it'.  I don't want that.  I don't expect someone to love everything about it, that's impossible.  But I want someone to enjoy it and want to read it again or pass it on to someone.  I want it to make them think about what they have or remember the past that resembled the story.  I want it to touch them like all the books I read touch me...well the one's I like anyway LOL.

I'm not sure if more background info and short stories would help me or hinder me.  I'm not sure if I should try to do an outline, because I tend to be like departure is's the destination and all the stuff in between will be decided at a later date.  I've never been able to stick to an outline, ever, which drove my English teachers batty; it kills my creativity.  But I do know, I don't want my books to be on someones don't like list and that means I have lots of work, more work than I'd planned on or even thought I'd need, ahead of me to make my stories and my ideas be the best they can be. 

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