Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crawls into the room

You know I thought for sure I was getting over that ugly ass cold we have all passed around for the past oh I don't know 6 months.  However I was wrong.  Very wrong.

Tuesday I felt bad, my whole body ached and I just wanted sleep, but I pushed through.  Then I woke up yesterday and I felt like a zombie.  I have horrible drainage, to the point that talking is difficult.  Someone out there is jumping for joy that Nikki is not talking, hehe.  My throat is almost sore.  You know that weird, almost like you have a coating in the back of your throat making talking feel weird, feeling?  Well I have that part of a sore throat, however my throat is only slightly tender when I swallow.  So drainage plus weird throat issue equals very little talking.  Otherwise I start hacking and coughing up my spleen.  My head's all fuzzy and throbbing with pressure. AND my whole body is protesting everything but sleep.

So yeah, I don't feel so good.

Luckily Bo stayed home with me yesterday and took care of the kids so I could sleep all day.

Today I'm feeling better, not much, but enough that I feel like moving again.  Which is good because I have tons to do.

Like trying to figure out where I'm going next in my story.  As of now, that cursor is taunting me and calling me names.

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Jodene said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better my friend!