Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our first snow day!

I remember being in school and wishing with everything I had for snow so I didn't have to go to school.  Back then we got SNOW, like 6 inches plus everytime.  Now getting snow is rare, and 4 inches is about our limit. 

LOL I love that, back then, as if I'm sooo old.

Picture it Sicily 1933....haha Golden Girls flashback.

And yes I know those of you who get feet of snow, not inches, are probably laughing at my SNOW reference.  I can't help that we get measly flurries and that is big time for us.  It's what I have to work with folks.

I think we got three inches this time, and by 10am this morning, it was beginning to melt.

Since Ms. Jocelbean has a bad cough today, playing out in the 'snow' was going to have to wait until naptime.  But by then our backyard had turned into a muddy pit.  The ground is still mostly white, but it's slush.

I don't mind my kids getting dirty, however our backyard is a mud pit with rain or snow.  You sink down a few inches with every step.  That isn't so fun.  ESPECIALLY when you have a polar bear for a dog that craps as big as our cat in said back yard. 

No snow play today, damnit three times.  Instead we're just doing our thing, having a lazy day of nothing. 

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parenting ad absurdum said...

We are expecting snow here in Seattle - very rare for us, but second time this winter. Can NOT wait! Sucks for commuters - one of the joys of working from home...