Friday, January 07, 2011

Someday she'll hate me for this

I LOVE it when kids say words wrong, especially if it's something like cock for clock (which Jocelyn does EVERYTIME she sees a clock, and we can't help but giggle). Bailey to this day calls nipples, nibbles, cannot get enough of it I tell you.  If I could, I'd never correct them, can you imagine the world that would be?

But Jocelyn has come up with something that has blown them all out of the water.

"Oooh Mama I yike your boods.  Oh nini, I like nini.  Dirty nini Mama, dirty nini"

This is what she said to me a few days ago when I was trying to get dressed.  Any time she catches me without my shirt on, she's all about the girls, or boods as she has so named them.  This wasn't news to me, but the last part of her sweet little statement had me leaning against the bed with tears. Now I thought for sure I'd covered my nether regions so she wouldn't see my 'nini' as she calls it. 

Which she came up with all on her own mind you.

I'm hoping I'm spelling it right, we wouldn't want it lost in translation.  To clarify, it's knee-knee.

But it seems, as she was bending over and looking upward, she managed to see a good view of my pubes.

Her stance, her statement, and the looks she gave, the frown and then the look of disgust, had me almost peeing myself in laughter.

She didn't see what was so funny at all, I mean I had a dirty nini after all and that is so not cool.  I had better wash it.  Somehow I managed to finish getting dressed and send Bo a text.  With her following close on my heels repeating, over and over, dirty nini Mama.

When she gets old enough to date, I'm going to bring this little gem out every chance I can.

Oh hi you must be Joss' new boyfriend, I'm her Mama, with the dirty nini.

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