Monday, February 21, 2011

Is that? OMG shut it off!

We bought a Kinect this weekend.  And let me say right now, it's awesome, it really is.

However, I have a huge complaint.  I don't enjoy the photos or videos that are taken during the games.  That's not fair.  They are SOOOOO not pretty.

Where can I shut that feature off? Does anyone know?  Cause it ruined my fun.

That huge blob with red hair...that's me?  No freaking way!  Who cares that I just nailed that game, when I have that photo of me imitating a dog pissing on a bush, and all my rolls and double chin staring at me like that?  Ick.

If that's how I look, how people see

Don't tell me that camera's add 10 pounds, I've never believed that, some chunky monkey came up with that to make themselves feel better and so they didn't have to admit how heavy they'd become. 

Seeing myself in photos and videos always make me uncomfy and I avoid it at all costs because I can't stand how I look.  I know I can't get away from this though, as the kids LOVE it and it really is a lot of fun.  I either have to accept how fluffy I've become or I make my 'blob' smaller.

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Just Jen said...

I hate that feature also. If you find out how to do away with it, please let me know!