Friday, February 18, 2011

Where's my candle?

Today is my 29th birthday.  Woohoo.

I've already had people make the comment that the dreaded 3-0 is around the corner.  They were expecting me to be all 'OMG my life is so over, 30 is ancient! I just can't take the pressure', but what they got was 'yeah, and?'.

My grandma always said that age is just a number and she felt like she was still young at 82.  That's how I feel.  Yeah it is scary in the sense that the number is getting higher, but it's still a number and it's life.  Whoopdy doo!

Nothing special is planned for today, that's tomorrow ;).  We're leaving the kids with my MIL, going to lunch and a movie.  This is our usual birthday date, and as much fun as we always have, I'm thinking one day we need to shake things up a bit. 

Ok scratch that, something special is planned today if everything goes to plan.  I'm making my FAVORITE cake in the entire world, Wacky Cake.  Most people say its similar to a brownie, it's so fluffy and chewy and moist and OMG delicious, and it's a cake my mother had when she was a child.  You top it with Hershy chocolate cake icing.  But the tastyness doesn't stop there my friends, oh no.  I take a huge chunk of my chocolatly chocolate cake, a big helping of frozen vanilla custard and top it off with M&M pretzels.  It's a wacky sundae if you will...pun intended....and it's the best damn thing in the entire world!

I'm curious to know what Bo got me for my birthday, but shhh my favorite part is my Wacky Cake.

And all that will happen IF he gets the chance to pick up the frozen custard today.

I'm looking forward to this year.  Yeah it's been rocky so far, but well that's life right?  Nothing is perfect, and if everything I'm going through is the worst I can complain about then I'm doing pretty damn good. 

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The Queen said...

Here's your happy birthday.. You are A ROYAL. come check it out and grab the Royal seal for your blog.

The Dutchess and I thank you joining our team. Now, fix us a drink, she drinks anything.. I drink gin and tonic. You need to get with PWT and Dame, and the other Royals to get their drink orders.

Our drug of choice is always Xanex.