Saturday, March 05, 2011

I can say I've touched a royal ass

Honey Cheeks, aka Miss, pulled some strings and got me a job as Royal Bartender for the Queen.

I have yet to really start my royal duties as I'm still a little nervous and frightened of this group of fiery women.  I think they are freaking awesome and feel lucky to have made it into this incredible group.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to jump out and say BOOOYA and not be afraid the Queen shouts 'OFF WITH HER HEAD'.

This week the Queen has us on a bus tour, there will be many stories written by this group of ladies that you all must check out.  They are HIGHlarious and cuss like sailers; there's no way you won't pee yourself by reading their posts.

1 comment:

Dutchess said...

Welcome to the Darkside, dear...
Now, get me a damn drink. I have brownies to bake and certainly can't do it sober.