Saturday, March 05, 2011

Royal Bus Tour 2011

I would like to apologize for taking so long to share my side of the story for the Royal Bus tour.  But it's been a bit hard these past few days considering I'm dealing with a bunch of drunks who think my name is Fartwagon.

I was thinking you know, the Queen is a queen and maybe she'd help coral the fillies but I was sadly mistaken as she's just as rowdy as the rest.

I thought my job would be fairly easy, I mean helllooo I'm a bartender but The Vet got a bright idea to do some artwork, and since I was still fairly sober I was volunteered to do the job...
but by the end I was tweaking some nipples trying to make the frogs blink and we were all happy.

At one point everyone decided to dress up incognito, I was not asked what I wanted to wear and ended up with this on...

I had to hold my breath and duct tape myself just to get into that costume.  It was not as easy as it looks..and when this guy tried to take a picture I laughed so hard at his tiny pecker I farted and blew out the back of my outfit....maybe that's where Fartwagon came from hmm.

And the others...well I'm not sure what they were supposed to be but this is the only photo that survived...

I have a sneaking feeling the pictures will be popping up in random places to scare the shit out of little kids.

I have learned one thing about this trip so far, I did not estimate correctly on the booze.

Tomorrow is looking to be quite special, as I've been told I'll be initiated into the group and there was something about special brownies that I'll finally get to try.

See everyone then!


-MissC* said...

Dude that's all the booze we consumed in one day? Dam we are pansy asses! Time to step up our game!!!
And it's because of the Fartwagon incident that you can't ride my bus. Ever.

The Queen said...

IF that's from yesterday. we're behind in our drinking..