Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plan of attack

We're looking at moving the weekend of April 9th, even though we'd much rather move the weekend before, when we close.

But due to home improvement tasks for both houses, including finishing the fence in the backyard and painting/staining the cabinets in our new house, we must wait.

Le sigh.

But for now we get to focus on packing and have even come up with a packing plan.

Oh yes you read that right, a plan.  MWUAHAHAHA.  It makes my poor brain happy to know I have a path ahead of me that I cannot stray from.  And one that, HOPEFULLY if things work out the way we hope, will mean we'll be mostly packed way before moving day. 

Every move we've done, we've put it off until the week to two weeks before, as being the easiest way for us to not be searching for everything in the days leading up to the move.  However, this ALWAYS meant that the day we moved we were still packing all the little things on top of what we use daily as we moved.  EQUALLING HELL, PURE AND TOTAL HELL.

We are determined to NOT do that again.  Especially since now we have two kids, two dogs AND a cat in tow.

The next thing we have to figure out is the shopping that we'll need to do for furniture for the new house.. sigh...I hate shopping.

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