Friday, March 11, 2011

Strange night

Yesterday I started getting a headache, it felt very similar to an ice cream headache, yet not as intense.  It was that same kind of cold, throbbing ache though.  I've never had that before without eating ice cream, so it made me worry.

Obviously, wouldn't be me if I didn't right??

Anyway I went to bed, and as I'm lying there the headache moved down my forehead and to my nose.  It was the weirdest cold sensation, and of course I was instantly in a panic.

OMG something is wrong with me!

What could it be?

Should I go to sleep or should I stay awake until it goes away???

Am I dying?

On and on the thoughts went until I was gasping for air, totally making the headache worse which in turn made my thoughts more fatal.  I somehow managed to get my thoughts under control, then my breathing and finally I was fine.

No freaking way!  All without meds.

I still don't know how I did it, I just remember I said to myself going to sleep won't change anything and the calming thoughts went from there.  Where I got that thought I don't know, as I was barely able to think clearly with so much going on in my head.  It was just suddenly there, then the panic was gone.

Today I feel all puffy, achy and sinus pressured, so I'm thinking that had something to do with the headache.  Or hoping anyway..

I'm quite proud of myself, I did it all on my own.  I didn't need to run to Bo or text Miss or look it up on the net.  I somehow got through to my inner bitch and fixed it all by myself.



Just Jen said...

Sounds like sinuses to me. Go get a Neti pot. It looks scary, but you will feel oh so good after using it.

The Chicken's Consigliere said...

Way to go! I agree with JustJen. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight.