Thursday, March 31, 2011

The run down

Good news: We bought a fantabulous house today!!!!

Bad news: The real work starts tomorrow...

Good news:  The money we deposited at the ATM last weekend FINALLY went through after the bank took forever to verify and make sure it was correct as it was a huge sum of money.

Other good news:  Since it went through we bought the sweet fridge I've been dying to have since I saw it!!!

Bad news:  Because of above purchase our bank account was frozen and we have no debit card until the bank stops being a douchebag and realizes that the big deposit was for that fridge...among other things.

Good news: We found a sweet trick to fixing the cabinets, Old English!!!...ok so it's not like we've never heard of this stuff before we just didn't think that would fix the wear and tear on the cabinets.  But it does, so I won't be spending the next two+ days cleaning,sanding and painting a big kitchen.  All I have to do now, is clean it and smear on the goop and tada BRAND NEW CABINETS....HOT DAMN HUH.

Bad news: Bo gets to put up a fence in mud.  But at least it won't be raining and will be nice and warm.

Good news:  The tables and chairs are in and are waiting to be picked up.

Bad news: We have to build Jocelyn shelves in her closet...seems previous owners had temporary ones that they took with them...

Good news:  But they did leave the surround sound setup thingy majig that has a DVD player in it....among other gizmo's and wires.  Bo could tell you what it is, just looked like a big ol mess to me ;)

Bad news: We're TIRED after a long day of paperwork, measuring, and decision making, nothing all that strenuous and we're like 'motherfucker we have to do physical work tomorrow'....

So yeah...that's been our day.  How was yours???

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