Friday, April 01, 2011


Today has been a day.

The bottom cabinets in the kitchen look fantabulous and Bo managed to get 8 posts dug and cemented even with a non working auger and having to dig them by hard rocky dirt....even though 20 feet away is slushy mud. 

We are tired and sore and so dreading tomorrow.  Although I can say for a fact poor Bo is 10x's more tired and sore than I am.  My job was extremely easy compared to his.  I feel bad for even saying I'm tired and he's still upright I do not know.

The best moments, minus me dressed like some crazed maniac doctor while I cleaned and polished the kitchen and Bo walking around in khaki shorts and snow boots digging holes, was when we met our 'new' neighbors.  Two, a couple, came by who happens to work with Bo.  Very sweet and kind couple, she invited me over to look at how she's decorated her house to help me with ideas and babysitting if I ever needed it.  As well as informed me that everyone gets to know everyone in our neighborhood...shit.

Have I mentioned we lived in apartments until six years ago?  It's why we don't go outside much, and why we don't know our neighbors.  It made us unsociable and hermits...ok so I'm the hermit hush. 

We moved here and no one really cares about the neighbors, seriously they don't try to be quiet or really respect each other's property all that much.  It made it easy to not socialize and get to know anyone.  And now we've moved into a neighborhood where everyone pretty much knows everyone and people stop by each other's houses.

What have we gotten ourselves into???

I really have to keep my house clean now....fuck.

The other neighbor we met was kind enough to help Bo with some of the fence.  Come to find out he used to live in our home town and knows our parents. Small world...ha ha...more like small area.  He seems like someone we could hang out with...which seems like the norm.

And then there were the people who stopped by and asked Bo what he charges to build fences....

And the newspaper salesman who stopped me as I'm trying to unload two kids, carrying two overflowing bags, seconds after I get out of the car at the old house.  Who after telling him we aren't newspaper people, we're internet people, proceeded to tell me how great of a deal this would be.  I was totally nice, but what I wanted to say was 'Hey asshole did you not hear me say I just got back from getting our new house ready to move in and I'm tired and have zero intentions of ever getting a newspaper...did my joke about using them as packing material  not get through to you'.  Instead I nicely said no thank you, and good luck and that's when the chick with him proceeded to tell me that when she home schooled her 12 kids she used the newspaper as a teaching tool and how it's much safer than the internet.....and yes I was still nice although I shouldn't have been and didn't want to be and let out a loud moan once I locked the door.

And then Jocelyn decided that she didn't have to mind and that screaming was her only form of communications.  Seconds after dumping everything in the floor and rushing to get dinner heated up, the screaming began over I still don't know what.  I was frantically calling Bo begging him to throw shit in the garage and get home, I was DONE.


-MissC* said...

WOW! You had a shitty day!! And why the fuck didn't you tell them to grab the groceries and help you out if they wanted to keep you standing there talking!! I can't even tell you how antsy I am stuck here!

Anonymous said...

New houses are exciting-congrats. Moving sucks. Sorry!

jodene said...

Ah, the joys of moving! I'm thinking of you my friend ;-)