Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wherein I hug my teddy bear and speak gibberish

In four days we buy a new house.  HOT DAMN, right?!?! Major tribal on this one.

But coming in on the heals of that happy parade is the realization that we have a fence to finish, a kitchen to repaint, a few odds and ends jobs that the inspector found that we HOPE won't kill us or the bank, and then of course the dreaded MOVING.

Oddly enough right now, my mind is not on packing or painting or moving.

Right now my mind is on decorating.

You see, when we bought this house we did so because we needed out of the apartment complex I used to run and had been fired from (sooo a long story, to make it short and sweet, I had a psychotic crazy lady for an assistant who threatened to hurt tenants but I wasn't allowed to do anything about it and my boss wouldn't fire her...basically I was fucked in the ass on a daily basis for a year and in the end was told it was all my fault when the big boss found out).  My boss felt guilty sorry enough after firing me that he and the company lied to help us get the loan.  Shhh that's a secret.  Anyway, we had like 5 choices that year and chose the one with the best yard, even though we really didn't like the house.  And because of that, we never made decorating a priority. 

We have two paintings my mom bought us for Xmas a couple years ago, and two pictures of family members in frames.  I have a few figurines and a orange/red glass vase that belonged to my grandma, but they've never been really displayed for decoration.  The only room in this house that is decorated in anyway is Bailey's room, if you consider posters and random papers hanging on the wall decorated.  It's quite sad and appears as if we've been temporarily living here since we moved in.

Now we're moving into a house that's 1000 sqft bigger, WAY nicer and have like 4 things to decorate it with.


I can put things together, that's not a problem.  We know what we like, not a problem there either.

The problem is where do I start?!


Draft Queen said...

I have lived in this house SEVEN years and last year I FINALLY decorated the bathroom. I have every intention on keeping the trend going and started the dining room but then life got in the way and my walls are still bare, but for some paint.

Nikki said...

I don't feel so bad now, ;).

But hey babe, we have a plan to make it happen and that's better than nothing!

-MissC* said...

You will have so much fun decorating the new place!!! In the mean time though, you should really get that fence done. That should be no problem to knock out today while Bo is at work right? lol
Uuuuuuhhh I can't believe I won't be there for all of the packing, and moving and unpacking and decorating!!
So you need to take pictures of everything. lol