Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lost in translation

As a couple we've moved something like 8 times so far...some days we swear its 10 others more like 100, so pick a number and go with it. 

But now we have kids in tow and that is a huge, new experience for them.

How do we make this as easy on them as possible?

Bo and I got into a argument discussion last night over how we're going to handle the first night at the new house.  I suggested doing something cool like a party of sorts with party hats and bubbles or some cool party type activity to christen the new house.  And we could all sleep in the living room on the air mattress, so neither of them are alone that first night.

He looked at me like I'd grown a second head...that was green and giving slobbery raspberries.

My whole point for that idea was to make it fun and a big deal so that it's not just go to bed at the end of the day...doesn't matter that it's a new room or a new house, just go to bed, alone, and go to sleep.

Bailey has anxiety issues that thankfully are getting better, but he still has a hard time with new situations.  Just like I did at his age, minus the tossing of one's cookies.  We talk every day about the move, we make sure we speak positively about it around them, and talk excitedly about the entire process.  But, and I may be focusing more on how I'd handle it as a child, I think we should do something extra special that first night to help ease his anxiety and celebrate the new house.

However Bo thinks I'm nuts.

He feels that we should treat it like any other day and send the kids to bed like we always have.  That IF they get up and can't sleep, we do what we've always done by calming them down and sending them back to bed.  If they get up again, then we'll figure out what will help them fall asleep.

I see why he wants to do this, I even understand that making a huge deal can backfire and make it worse instead of better.  But I'm like 'Dude this isn't something where we can pull an idea out of our ass to the middle of the night after a move when we're exhausted'.  And he's like 'Dude we don't even know he's going to have a problem, so lets wait and see and then figure it out'....and then we both went 'Dude, dude, duuuuuudddddeee'.

It's not like I want to orchestrate three ring circus that first night, we'll be tired HELLO, but something special to christen the new house.  And a plan of some sorts to help them go to sleep beforehand, while we're awake and functional.

He's ok with a movie and games and letting Bailey pick dinner, so it's not like he's against it, he just thinks we should treat it like any other day first.  And skip the whole sleeping together in the living room unless we have to.

I'm meeting him half way, but I fully plan on giggling and doing my I told you so dance when the kids start fussing when it's bed time.

For those of you who have moved with kids, what are you tips, tricks and advice?


Just Jen said...

The 'party' idea is perfect! Let us know how he likes it when you shove the "I was RIGHT' card in his face!!

Alex Wilde - El Experimento said...

Having a party is a good idea. But I don't think it's a good idea on having a party in your first night at the house because kids might be tired also your hubby. Perhaps you could throw a party a week after you moved in, I think all of you will be settled =)

Nikki said...

HAHA Jen, I will but this is one of those times I'm hoping he's right ;).

Alex - OMG we're going to be EXHAUSTED after everything that needs to be moved and repaired, there's no way we could do a real party that night. Saying weeeeeeee, we're in a new house will probably be taxing enough haha. Bailey wants to make a 'Welcome home' banner, watch a movie and eat pizza, so I think that's our 'party' right there, LOL.