Monday, March 07, 2011


Have you ever had one of those weekends where so much happened that come Monday you don't know where to start?

That was my weekend.

Saturday we put in a contract on the new house, no name yet folks but I'm considering it, and before the day was over we got word back that we had a counter.  The seller is more than happy to buy our land (which he's never seen) as part of the deal, but that means he can't go down on the price much.  We decided not to haggle anymore, although we wanted to go lower this kills two birds with one stone.  Today Bo is calling our lender to make sure nothing has changed since we applied back in December and once we get that checked, we'll be accepting the counter...and closing on March 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot damn and holy shit all in one.

I also went out with a friend Saturday.  I know!  Can you believe it??? Go sit down if you need to, I can continue while you have your head tucked between your knees.  I finally made the step to say let's do this, and it hasn't been easy as her schedule is so different.  But we did it, and had a blast.  We went shopping first then had dinner and I don't know about her but it felt like old times.  We were laughing and telling raunchy stories back and forth....Ok so I was telling more but whatever, we're not taking score. It was just awesome and we have to do this again soon.  I think Bo will even say this, as I've been in a better mood since.

Then we got to talking about furniture and appliances for the new house. I did some homework and found some awesome deals at Ikea, sadly what I found you have to pick up and the closest store is 5 1/2 hours away.  I know your probably going woooo Nikki this part is soo interesting, but the kicker to this is we've decided to fly down.  FLY DOWN.  You know me, I panic at heights, water...ok so a lot of things but this is huge for me.  I'm not going to lie, I fought it.  But in the long run, it's way cheaper and easier this way...and Bo promised to get me tipsy before we take off.

Last night Jocelyn so used the potty, again I'm sure your like woooo Nikki but you'll get over it.  She likes to ask to go sit on the potty, and we take her but within 5 seconds she's ready to get up.  Last night Bo took her and within a few minutes she peed.  We basically threw a party afterwards, and she ate it up.  About an hour later she was saying poopy diaper although she didn't have one, we jumped on the whole sit on the potty thing just in case and guess what, she did it.  Without fighting and crying and screaming.  But I know my daughter, and I seriously doubt she'll do it again for a while.
THEN this morning my wonderful blogging buddy Jo posted my story on her blog.  She's doing a Your Story project, where you can send in your Project Me story and she posts it on her blog.  I think it's an awesome idea and was so excited when she told me about it.  Her blog is really inspirational and positive and I've learned a lot from her wonderful insight.  MWUAH Jo, thank you muches for everything!

Sigh, I'd love to say this week seems slow and like a normal week, however it's not.  The BIL's girlfriend wants to look at the house more thoroughly, we have to get a list of things we need to do before they move in, get the money in the budget set up for it, go over lease ideas, continue our packing, yadda yada.  Then there's soccer practice, contract signing, dentist appointments...

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