Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Parents,

You suck.

Every week day morning I take my son to school.  I, somehow, am one of the few in line who realize I'm NOT the only person trying to take their child to school.  While so many of you act as if it's all for you and the rest of us are an annoyance.

Like the lady who cut in front of me as fast as she could while I was about to turn to get into the line.  Didn't even glance my way except to make sure I'd stopped before she sped across the street in front of me. 

That was annoying especially as I watched as she flipped her hair and primped while waiting in line.  But ok, whatever, maybe you're in a hurry and couldn't wait the extra 5 seconds to wait YOUR turn.  The car behind you didn't have enough time/room to let me in thanks to you....but the car behind them was kind enough to let me in, with a wave and friendly smile. 

I let Bailey out and was about to pull out of the driveway.  And I hate this part.  This part is the worst.

It's a narrow and short driveway, off of a busy street (during school hours), the west side is pulling out from the Kindergarten side of the building, while cars entering are going east into the PreK parking lot and entrance.  Wouldn't you stop with your turn signal on and MAKE SURE NO ONE IS COMING OUT OF IT BEFORE YOU TURN INTO A DRIVEWAY???  Or is this just me and being courteous?  Because it never fails, unless the crossing guard is directing traffic, people drive right on through this driveway and give anyone trying to come out a dirty look as if WE'RE to blame.  As if we weren't already there first.

I've had to backup as I'm waiting to turn out of the parking lot to let someone in before because they refused to let me go first.  Gave me a go to hell look like THIS IS MY SPOT BITCH GET OUT.  I gladly backed up so the tard wouldn't hit my car and gave them my own go to fucking hell bitch look.

This morning was no different.  I wait until I see an opening before I pull up into the driveway to exit.  Always have, but sometimes the parked cars block my view of the road and I can't see.  Today was one of those days.  I let three cars go through, I was just a bump in the road to them, before I saw an opening and took it.  This lady stopped quickly and I watched her practically hit her turn signal on in anger and glare at me.  ME.  She didn't look, she didn't stop first and see if she could enter the damn driveway. 

And I was the one to blame.  Because I waited for my turn before leaving.  Excuse me for being nice and polite AND FOLLOWING THE DAMN RULES OF DRIVING.

Fucking hag.

I shrugged it off.   This is an every morning tard parade, I'm used to it by now.  But just a few feet later I was hit AGAIN by stupidity.

Remember the chick who sped across the street to beat me in line?  Well she didn't drop her kid off at the Kindergarten doors.  No she drove THROUGH both of the parking lots, to the side street, parked and by the time I got to that side street to go home, was prancing her daughter across the street to the PreK entrance.

WTF.  You just raced across a busy street to beat me and another on coming car, went through the line for Kindergarten, through two parking lots only to park on a frickin side street?  Why?  Did you think the long line of cars were a parade for you?  Or do you just enjoy being a big ASS in the way of everyone?

I don't have it in me to be this rude to people, my Mama taught me better, but sometimes I wish I did.  Sometimes I wish I really was a bitch in that aspect and drove as if the highways were mine and everyone better move out of the way for me.


Draft Queen said...

Sounds like they need a bigger driveway. Or perhaps different Pre-K and Kindergarten drop off times?

Either way, nasty drivers suck.

jodene said...

Okay it's official ... it's a global crisis! It sounds as though I am sitting with my sisters and hear the very same stories. Sigh!