Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm bored with my blog...are you?

I love having a place to go to bitch about my OCD and depression, to talk about the wonderful chaos of parenting and having a husband who likes to fondle in his sleep.  It's awesome, really it is. 

But many days I'd rather talk about something else and struggle to write a post.  I tell Miss all the time I want another blog, something different and she laughs and tells me to just use this blog.  That's what it's there for.  But in my head, this is a place for bitching and moaning.  I created it to talk through my issues and it's hard to post about something not OCD or depression or kids or marriage related.  I know I can, but I log in, I start writing and I feel odd if I try writing something else.

Like yesterdays post.  I felt weird, like I was doing the wrong thing.  Even though I know it's not.

I'm not just an OCD, depressed house wife with two kids who struggles to write a book.  I read all the time.  I LOVE to cook and collect recipes like people collect stamps or coins.  I love movies and music and art (although I'm way behind on all of them).  I like changing things changing my hair color ever 6 weeks.  But I rarely if ever talk about any of that here.

And I want to. 

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Draft Queen said...

Funny, I have been sick to death of feeling like I'm always bitching on mine. It used to be more than just bitching (okay, it goes in cycles) but I just have NOTHING else to say right now.

You totally have my permission to use your own blog as you wish. I certainly will continue reading along :)hemoot