Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today I don't feel too purty and I just can't seem to wake up.  Normally, I'd cuddle up on the couch and say fuck it to everything.  But today I don't want to.  I don't feel good and I'd love to just do nothing today but I'd rather have a clean house and more things unpacked.

Maybe I've been anal probed and it's an alien controlling my thoughts...that would explain a lot.

This morning as I was finishing up my to do list, I suddenly realized I just kept adding stuff and was nearing 20 tasks.  Not because I felt like I should get that many things done on top of my daily routine, but that I wanted to get that many things done.  And not just that, I felt like I could get it all done.  I'm not about to doubt that I can.  Even if I don't, oh well what I get done is awesome enough. 

I've gotten better at this.  At accepting what I manage to do and not kicking my butt over what I didn't do. 

Again, I swear it's this house!

Or that anal probe...

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