Thursday, April 07, 2011

So close, like really close, like face pressed into the window close

Tomorrow is THE day.  You know THE day that EVERYTHING goes insane and chaos takes on a whole new screws with your brain, energy and emotions level until you want to scream or hide under the covers.

But it's so frickin exciting anyway.

Today we get the NEW INSANE FRIDGE delivered.  And once everyone leaves, I totally plan on giving it a big, wet kiss with lots of tongue.

Today we pay the other half for our brand new AWESOME tables and chairs, and keeping our fingers crossed we can get them delivered sometime over the next few days.  Poor Bo has been working his ass off here and at work all week and we missed going to the store to schedule everything.

Today is our last day in the old house, if all things go well.  A part of me is sad.  This is where my babies were born after all, but other than that I'm ready to say au revoir to this house.  It's weird, I'm normally very sentimental about things.  I am about my grandma's house and about my parent's house, but not this one.  I think it's due to all the moves we've done and how we never really fell in love or felt really at home here.  Whatever it is, I have the memories and I don't need to touch the house to keep them alive.

I'm itching to get in this new house.  I'm itching for the new clean slate it means. 

I'm also THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF that we have an entire room for their toys now and our living room will be an actual living room....and not a storage area.

If you here random EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE's throughout the day, that's me.  That's me being a total dork with anticipation over the move...of course you may here a few MOTHERFUCKINGPIECESHIT's and DAMNIT THREE TIMES' and OOOOOOUUUUUUCCCCHHHH's as well.

Mwuah my lovelies.

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