Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend is done...

And so are we.

But not the fence.

I somehow screwed up my ankle, it's like it's sprained except it doesn't hurt when I step, it hurts constantly.  I'm not limping (although I was for a while after carrying a bunch of wood for the fence, then a trip to Lowe's and then grocery shopping) which I'm taking as a good sign.  As long as I keep it up and don't walk too much, the pain isn't too bad.  Not sure what did it either, it may have been carrying a 5gal bucket full of water up hill, in mud, over an uneven yard in Shape Ups or it may have been the gajillion trips I made up and down the ladder.

Yes, Shape Ups in mud, I'm cheap damnit I spent enough money on those puppies they better last cause I don't own another pair of sneakers.

Bo is sore all over and sunburned from his part in the weekend.  Not to mention he can't grip for shit after all the digging and drilling he's done....side note he ripped his shorts in Lowe's yesterday hahaha, he'd ripped them a little earlier in the day and I said to change them but he wouldn't.  The damn things were OLD and ratty, it was only a matter of time.  We spent 20 minutes walking around the store with his ass hanging out of his pants.  It was the highlight of our day ;).

His mom and brother helped today, which sped things up a ton, but because he did the beginning of the fence alone they couldn't get it finished.  This may hinder us in moving every day after work this week so that Friday isn't such a nightmare.  But we're still going to try.

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