Monday, May 23, 2011


Last night tornadoes came through our area.  Living in tornado alley that's really not all that unheard of, but it actually came over our town, over us, which rarely happens.  We had hail, I haven't checked/heard yet how big it was but it sounded bigger than pea size.  We're guessing quarter sized.  It's a good thing I saw the news update on the web to know to bring our cars into the garage.  And we're going to get storms of the same level for the next few nights.

There is damage all around us, the worst is in Joplin Missouri, where people have quoted 75% of the town is gone.  This isn't a small town, well it's small compared to New York or LA but for me who lives in a town with MAYBE 13,000 people and grew up in one that had less than a thousand, 45,000+ people is a big town.  One of the IT boys has family there and has an aunt missing.  He's up there as we speak helping his family.

I'm thinking of you today Todd, hope they find her safe and sound.

I normally don't post about this kind of stuff, and I should, but I tend to stay clear of headline news because it's already everywhere anyway.  But for things like these I really should, and so should you.  The more people aware of these disasters means more help for those affected by the storms. 

My heart goes out to all the families who lost someone last night and all those dealing with the giant mess that was left behind.

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