Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trying to get my balance

I think we've been hit with the worst sinus infection known to man.  Both kids had green goop coming out of their eyes, because they had so much sinus blockage it had no where else to go.  Nasty I know, but welcome to my world.  Bailey had only a half a day of this.  Jocelyn had two days of it and her eyes are finally NOT glued shut by the stuff.

That's not to say they are back to normal.  Nope, not close.  Bailey has a M&M size bloody spot on his eye, from the fever as far as we can tell, still has lots of coughing and sniffles.  But no fever.  Jocelyn's eyes are still puffy and bloodshot, and she looks as if she's half asleep.  She's snotty, coughing and has begun throwing a fit anytime medicine comes her way.  But no fever.  There's improvement, but still it's pretty um snotty around here and neither of them feel up to playing much.

Me?  Well my fever comes and goes at random times, leaving me feeling like I'm getting better then bam, I'm back on my ass on the couch shivering and crying for my mama.  My throat is sore, and the coughing soo helps the pain.  I have absolutely horrible sinus pressure and muted hearing, but no runny or stuffy nose.  And thankfully no goo coming out of my eyeballs.

Let's see Bailey went to the doc on Monday, Jocelyn on Tuesday, me on Friday and Bo is due to go next.  In fact he's in bed as we speak trying to rest; it's been slowly getting him and today I think it's finally taken a hold.  In bed with him is the very place I'd love to be, but Bailey is so not doing a nap today.  I'll be cuddling up on the couch instead, thanking my lucky stars that I can trust him to stay out of trouble so I can get some sleep too.

Have a happy, non snotty weekend.

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middle child said...

On the positive least you do things together as a famly. Get better and take care.