Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book challenges

I'm 3 books down with 22 to go on the 2011 New Author Challenge through Literary Escapism; I hope no one minds I counted the reviews I've already done here, here, and here as part of the challenge although they happened before I signed up.

Today I'll be starting #4, Memories of Envy by Barb Hendee.  It's about vampires, mwuahahaha.  And we all know I'm in love with the blood suckers.

It feeds the teeny weeny goth girl inside me so she doesn't burst out and demand black fingernails and lipstick.

Although a part of me does wonder what people would do if I did paint my nails black...

I'm really excited about participating in this challenge, and I hope some of you try it out, whether you actually sign up or not.  Think of all the new worlds you can find by picking up a new author???  Plus, one day my book may be in that pile, and it would make me soo very happy to know someone gave my book a chance...especially if they'd ever read my blog, LOL.

And that brings me to my personal book challenge.  Right now I'm reworking the story, hoping this time I've got the formula right and it will work.  There's a lot of fixing what I've already created, but I keep telling myself that all the best writers say to write, rewrite and write some more, because that's how you improve.  One thing I keep doing to myself is pushing to finish the book and that's a lot of pressure, if you didn't know.  I'm now just pushing for one chapter at a time.  My biggest goal to reach, is to pass Chapter 5, because that has turned into my nemesis.  So no more 'I have to finish this entire book' it's now 'I want to finish this chapter'.  

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