Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hopefully I'm wearing clean undies

If you didn't know already, I'm cheap.  I rarely buy clothes for myself and all, repeat ALL my three pairs of jeans are very thin in the crotch and leg area where my chunky thighs have rubbed the fabric down to tissue thickness.
If you look closely you can find out Victoria's Secret...

That strange and quirky side of me, wants to wear these puppies until they do split or tear just to see it happen.  At home, of course.  I would feel like the Incredible Hulk ripping out of my clothes.  You can't tell me that wouldn't be awesome??

But the logical side of me knows that it will happen when I don't want it to.  Like bending over in front of a family member or stranger. RRRRRIP.  Or in Walmart parking lot when I step out of my car.  RRRRRRIP.  It won't happen when it's just me and Bo and I'm trying to be all sexy and rip them off of me in the heat of passion...although that could be a little kinky.

I get this from my Mama, she survived on two pairs of jeans and company t-shirts she got for free from work most of the time while us girls had closets stuffed with cool clothes.  In this aspect I've turned into my Mama.

On one hand, it means I'm a cheap date, which every man loves.

On the other, I am a bit scraggly.


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Draft Queen said...

I've done a LOT of shopping lately. I can't help it. I have an extra 20lbs kicking around and a new job that requires a different attire than my last. Anyway, I did some shopping online the other day, and when my clothes came in, Nate took one look and said "Honey, you have that shirt already."

Sure enough, I liked it so much I bought two. (Accidentally. In the same color.)