Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just call me Dr. Evil

Bailey made a comment yesterday that pissed me off, although it was true, and today I'm making him pay for it.

Everyday at dinner we talk about our day, what was good and bad about it. When Bo asked him what he did yesterday he said 'I played games and with my toys; I did whatever I wanted'.

He's right, although we have rules on how they can and can't act (that totally and completely gets ignored), that's about as far as their responsibility goes. We ask very little of them because once they get older they'll be smothered by responsibilities, and we'd like to let them have some fun first. Except now, it's created selfish shitdom around here.

It's no wonder little things like asking him to get dressed is followed by a dramatic fit as if I just asked him to bathe in acid.  He gets away with whatever all day long except for his behavior.  Which is why he acts like a spoiled brat that gets whatever he wants, and no matter how we punish him for his behavior, it doesn't work.

So from now on they will be handling their crap.  As in picking up toys, picking up the playroom and their bedrooms.  I will help, but they will be doing 80% of it themselves...or more likely Bailey will as Jocelyn views this as a warped game in which she empties any bins that have been filled onto the floor and starts putting things back where they were, scattered around the house. 

I'm hoping I can train this one before she becomes as allergic to responsibility and cleaning as her brother.

I'm also hoping that I can come up with daily tasks for them to do around the house and stick to it.  It's part of our night time routine to return toys back to the play room...but this gets done once a month if I'm lucky. 

I have my own issues about cleaning that I deal with every day, even now that I'm all CLEAN MUST CLEAN thanks to moving to this house.  I struggle keeping up with my own responsibilities, making him do his seems a bit hypocritical.  That's something that I have to work on; it's something I have to teach them.

I know if I can get them to help more, my job will be easier.  And that is a wonderful dream.  So for now, we're just getting the house clean so that tomorrow when my mom and niece come by to babysit so I can FINALLY get my hair did, they won't be swimming in toys and crap.

Once they figure out this is an every day thing, well I'm already dealing with temper tantrums over little shit...I won't really notice at this point.


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