Saturday, June 04, 2011

Oh we didn't see this coming

Today was Bailey's b-day party.  My parents, one sister and her daughter show up about 2 hours early so the kids could play.  Bo's blowing up the balloons, the kids are playing and we're all just chatting about nothing.

When Jocelyn throws up on my dad.

No really, she did.

Seems Bailey really had a stomach bug the other day and it wasn't something he ate like we later thought.  And now she has it.

Not to mention threw up a hole bunch of times, making the party a bit shall we say uncomfortable.  But it hasn't really stopped her, she was trying to play with the boys and wanted cake too.  Takes a lot to bring that spunky nutball down.

And guess what...Bo and I are now nauseous.

WTF to all things holy!?!?!?!

If you go back you'll notice that we've been sick with one thing or another CONSTANTLY since the end of April.  I even found a few mentions in March all the way to January so I guess you could really say we've been sick almost CONSTANTLY this entire year.

I blame Kindergarten; we've never been this sick in our lives.

I think we should sue.

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Draft Queen said...

Oh yuck! My son is the same way as Jocelyn-- he can be throwing up, but still ready to party and eat like he's fine.

Crazy kids.

Here's hoping you are all well over the summer, since school will be out!