Friday, June 03, 2011

Dear son

Today you turned 6.  How crazy is that?  You are no longer in Kindergarten and are now a cool First Grader!!!  I know this year was scary for you, and I know it's taken some getting used to, but that is life my child.  It's always throwing crap at you even when you can't hold the load thats already in your arms.

This new year is going to be full of even more surprises and adventures, and I want you to embrace them not let it scare you.  Look at me Bailey man, I let that fear hold me back from so many things that I miss out on all the fun stuff.  I don't want that for you.  I want you to have fun and enjoy life first hand like I never could.  So this year, its me and you bud, we'll both jump into new things so we can both get over this damn fear.

Yes Mama said damn, it's a nifty grown up word you can use someday.  It's like saying crap or holy mother of poo or son of a monkey's butt in June.

You've grown so much and I'm not talking about how tall you've become.  You grew out of 5T months ago and are now in boys small.  I know it doesn't make sense to you, but I got a bit teary eyed at that.  T is for toddler, you officially grew out of the toddler section and into the small child one.  I have to say knowing you're one of the smaller ones in your class helps me cope with this growth spurt.  But what I'm talking about is how you've gotten better at interacting with Jocelyn.  You two have your moments of screaming fits, but you try to talk to her now and you try to work through these moments.  It's a nice change.  Now if only you'd remember she's only two and realize you can't make her play school or tell her to pretend a line on the floor is a road, she is not up to your level of play time yet dear.  You went from being with me all day, or your Daddy or a grandparent, to being with strangers all day long.  And yes, this was another of those moments where I had tears.  I want you with me, I gave birth to you it should be me spending all day with you, not someone who doesn't deserve it...ok so Mama has issues with teachers taking my time away.  It took a while to get into the routine of school, and even a few days ago you fought it, but believe it or not, you've done awesome at your first year of school.  All your teachers couldn't tell us enough how awesome and smart you are...and how you've told them how to do something a time or two when they were may have gotten that from me ;).  You're more of a person now and not such a baby.  It goes on and on, basically you've grown up a lot this past year.  Go you!

I know you don't like long talks, so I'll stop here.  But know this munchkin, Mama loves you no matter what.

Happy Birthday Bailey Scott!  Hugs, kisses and all that jazz from me, Daddy and Jocelbean.

Missing his first tooth

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