Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's been introduced

Here's the scene:

Bo's getting dressed and Jocelyn is running in and out of the bedroom, bathroom and shower doing her normal thing.  Bo changes his underwear just as she runs through the bathroom door, he having not realized she was close by.  And this is what she says

'Daddy you have a nini!! You have a big nini Daddy!!'

Nini is her own personal name for vagina.

He comes walking into the living room minutes later chuckling and says 'guess what your daughter just did'.  Considering my daughter, I figured she'd once again tried to eat toothpaste brush her teeth or grabbed the razor to shave or got the hairspray or put something in her mouth.  I was ticking things off in my head of what she could have done now.  I was not expecting this one.

I asked him if it made him feel all manly that someone said he had a big nini and he was all 'oh yeah, I'm huge' in his best egotistical jock impression...then we both bust out laughing.

This has been added to our parenting book of things to give our kids shit about when they are older.

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Draft Queen said...

Oh the things the little ones say (that we later hold over their heads!)