Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Stay clear of roped off area

Thanks to all well wishes and get better soons.  I appreciate it ;). 

Waking up this morning and being able to sit up without the world spinning and my stomach going 'will I or won't I spill my contents and which direction shall I take this time' was a beautiful feat.  Not to mention being able to stand without feeling like the floor was coming up to smack me on the face. 

Today is a GREAT day!

I'm ignoring that my entire house is a disaster.  And the fact that I STILL have a sore throat.  I'm enjoying the simple fact that I feel somewhat like a human being today.  I'm still really weak and walking three feet is like running 100 miles.  But I can eat without fear, although nothing but coffee sounds good.  Go figure.

Yesterday was hell, absolute HELL.  The kids had to fend for themselves a lot as we dozed on the couches.  He managed to take care of them while I was at my sickest and I think he deserves a giant treat for that because he was still sick himself.  The poor guy's left eye is entirely blood red.  I think the only reason I managed to avoid that was I was being tortured in two directions the entire time while he was only throwing up until near the end.  Nice mental huh...MWUAHAHA don't tempt me I can so share more intimant details.  About seven last night, Jocelyn managed to grab a hot dog bun and came into the living room eating it.  Reminding us that they needed to be fed again.  He fed them and got them into bed while I stayed on the couch, sitting up was too much for me at that point.  Wasn't long before we went to bed ourselves.

He trecked off to work today (the boys in the IT department begging him to keep his sunglasses on) and I have managed to get dressed already.  Sad when I'm so proud and thrilled we managed these things. 

We've decided that we are under quarenteen until we are 100% better.  We've made my parents sick with the sinus gunk, and now they've got the stomach crap, plus one of our nephews has it now too. 

Maybe now my posts will be about more exciting things...


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