Monday, July 25, 2011

Glowing ball of fluff

Yesterday was our nephew's 4th birthday the lake.

Now I'm white, as in I glow in the dark pale and I don't get much darker.  Even with Cherokee and Choctaw Indian blood in my veins...that shows in my black eyebrows only.  I take after my grandma, pale skin and hair, and blue eyes.  This is one of the reasons why I don't wear shorts, I GLOW and it hurts the retinas.  But yesterday I had to...and I'm sure there are a few people waking up with spots in front of their eyes this morning, all thanks to my glowing legs and arms.

You see it's hot out there, like over 100F all month long, humid as hades and it's best to stay inside.  Why ANYONE would go camping in this beats the shiiiiaaaat out of me.  Well ok, why anyone would go camping period beats the shit out of me; I'm girly enough to loath camping.  I want air conditioning, indoor plumbing, a comfy bed, preferably mine so I'd have to move my house to the lake to camp.  Anyway, I don't like wearing shorts in my own home!  I feel so nasty and fat and I just HATE it.  But I knew if I wore my jeans and short sleeved shirt, I'd melt and no one would want to scoop me up because it's too damn hot.

My favorite part was 'swimming' in the ice cold creek off the lake.  Imagine a walk in freezer, and you get the gist of the temp of the water.  Your teeth chatter even if it is 104F, COOOOOLLLLDDDD.  But it's awesome on a hot day and we waded in the shallow water for an hour.  Jocelyn is so Bo and Bailey is so me, because she was trying to jump in and swim every chance she got and Bailey was just walking around not going under and trying to stay as dry as possible. 

After our swim was dinner and cake, my not so favorite part as I'm now wearing skin clinging, wet shorts and tank top (I don't own a bathing suit thank you very much).  I'm already uncomfy, now I'm wet and mortified.  It was a nightmare.  But there was lots of laughter and family and friends and that part I loved.  It really was fun, if only I had been more comfy I could have enjoyed it even more.

I think we've decided to do this again this weekend.  Which means, me in shorts again and I'll have to find a better top and maybe even gasp a bathing suite.  Lord and lady help us all, the glowing blob of fluff will return.


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