Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The board that made my OCD happy and something wicked cool

THE BOARD is more fitting, look at that puppy it needs caps or a fancy shmancy name!  It's frickin huge, is it not?

In the old house I had one the size of a sheet of paper.  I used it all day every day and was not happy when I couldn't take it with us to the new house.  I mean, we could have but it was secured to the wall and would have left some nasty scars behind.  We didn't paint or fix other holes in the walls, we figured we owed them's your free dry erase board its an apology for the Buick size hole Bo cut out of the living room wall to hide all the wires behind our TV that was coming from the million geek game boxes we own.


I finally got sick of using paper for my lists because well I was leaving a trail plus that kills trees ya know and bought me a new board....A BIG ONE.  I kid you not, one day I had 4 lists in 4 locations and they were all fairly different.  F.O.U.R.  One, I thought if I had enough reminders I'd remember to do them or be more likely to do them as they would taunt me from many directions.  Two....I forgot about one of them as it was on our bathroom mirror and the rare moment I had to go in the room I'd see it, remember something and add it only to forget the sucker as soon as I left the room because I was THAT distracted. 

This board is amazeballs because I can have it all in one spot.  Initially, I had the dream that this board was going to be MINE, all mine.  I had dreams for the two of us together, sigh.  But when I got to thinking about how I hate having to keep track of what I need Bo and Bailey to do every day cause they can't most of the time, I realized this would be to my advantage.  Write the shit down so they can have a visual, cause we all know men are visual creatures.

But it's also so helpful for me because I have less to worry about now.  It's like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  IT WORKS.  It's big enough for all of it and then some.  I can look at it and not do my usual over analizing of what needs to be done and what's the most 'if I do the dishes that doesn't get the clothes washed and if I wash the clothes that doesn't sweep/mop/vacuum the floors and that doesn't pick up the toys, and so on and so forth'.  I look at it and although I'm like WTF why didn't I put something fun down like read a book or watch any video I can find of Henry Cavill shirtless, I don't think of all the other things that needs to be done. The things on the board is all I think about.  It's crazy cool.  Plus Bailey got all of his stuff done yesterday, with minimal issues, and so did Bo.  Go boys!

I can't say today has gone the best.  I can't say that I've checked off all of my tasks, I've only checked off two.  But I have a good reason for the distraction, I'm having a meeting today.  It's not a meeting with the dishwasher or the vacuum cleaner, nope it's an online meeting with a person about me and my writing.  SHUT. UP.  Now I haven't gone so far in my head that this lady is going to be my knight on a white horse and offers to help me with my book and get me published.  But this is a meeting with someone in the publishing world, who has read one of my short stories and liked it and is willing to talk to me about some of my writing issues.  HOT DAMN!  I may have to put makeup on and wear some heels to make it all spiffy and official as the FIRST MEETING ABOUT MY WRITING.  OMG, can you handle it?  Cause I'm like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE today.  Really truly, spastic over this. 

Let me share a story, I walked into the laundry room this morning with every intention of washing clothes, however I walked in and had a thought and walked back to my computer to jot down another question I'd like to ask as well as something for the book I'm writing and then got so wrapped up in all that that I forgot entirely about the laundry....and it still sits there waiting on me....and so does the rest of my list.

Do you blame me?  A meeting about my writing...HOLY SHIT NUGGETS. 


StarTraci said...

I love it!!! I love, Love, LOVE lists (I once wrote an entire post dedicated to my love of lists) but I do fear the fate of the trees left in my listing wake. Good for you. I now have complete dry erase envy!


Nikki said...

LOL Traci I found this one at Walmart, it was cheaper and faster...but what I really really wanted was here They also have these cute ones that I almost got but was too impatient ;). White boards rule, mwuahaha.