Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School day #2

Yesterday was Bailey's first day of school.  No I didn't blog about it.  I tried to get some sleep instead.  Which didn't actually work, but I tried.  And then I played Bejeweled on Facebook and put duct tape on my eyelids until it was time to pick him up.

How did his first day go, you may wonder.  Seems it was half and half, he started to get teary when I first asked him that question and said that they didn't do what he wanted to do.  But then he went on to tell us about the three kids in his class that he knows from last year and the swinging bridge in the playground and how he got to draw what he wanted to in art class.  Hot damn, that boy HATED being told what to draw so hopefully this keeps up and they let him do his own thing.  Maybe that will be one class he likes cause he kinda gets to call the shots.  He was bored to tears last year with all the coloring and 'baby' stuff, and was really looking forward to 1st Grade when they challenged him.

I think we all are and I'm hoping today she challenges his cahonies off.

Jocelyn is not happy that he's in school and she doesn't get to go.  She's cried after leaving him both times and yesterday when we went to pick him up she said 'I want to go to school too' in this sad little voice.  Broke my heart for a sec then I said 'Bitch you are not leaving me anytime soon so calm down' and Bo looked at me and told me that wasn't very nice.

Excuse me, she's my baby, she's only 2 and SHE IS NOT GOING TO SCHOOL FOR A VERY LONG TIME...just give me that ok?  He moved on, and she continued saying she wanted to go to school too.  I'd rather not think of when she goes to school, thank you.  That's just...um nope not thinking about it.

As for me, I miss the little shit, but MY GOD IS IT NICE NOT HAVING AN ALL DAY FIGHT WITH HIM.  He and I were butting heads almost every second of the day,.  He's got it into his head its his way and I'm the one in the wrong because I'm making him do it my way.  Oh yeah, it's not Daddy and Mama's rules, nope it's Mama's rules and I get all the blame.  OMG, seems my father's side of the family gene is dominant and the men rule and the women suck...I'm just going to have to beat that shit right out of him.

After dropping him off today, I thought it would be the toughest since Bo wasn't here to distract me from the anxiety.  But I did just fine, I got to see him walk to the door which is a HUGE thing for me and I could care less about the 2 mile long line behind me...I have a finger for them if they start honking, ahem.  I thought it would hit when I got home, but nope it didn't.  In fact I was like let's get to work when I walked in...


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