Monday, August 08, 2011

Making a baby cry

My nephew, whose this 3 month old chunky monkey yet with skinny arms and legs and teeny tiny feet and hands, is probably going to have nightmares of me for the rest of his life.

I made him cry by pretending to toss my cookies.

I was telling a story about how I have done BIL's laundry many times.  And one time, he brought home like 3 big trash bags full of dirty clothes from his latest work related trip and my first handful was about 100 pairs of underwear.  I never went very far in my thought process of washing his dirty clothes, so imagine my delight when I look down and notice I'm holding a pair of his undies by the crotch with more hanging from my fingertips.  I somehow shoved them and I swear every single pair of underwear he owned plus that of 4 other people in the washing machine, slammed the door shut then ran to the bathroom to bleach, boil and scrub the skin off of my hands. 

I still swear he gathered all his underwear and put them all together just to mess with me.

So anyway, I like to animate when I speak sometimes, and when I said 'Oh my God I was like gagging and about to puke' I mimed gagging.

That's when Wyatt looked up at me as he sat on my knee, his itty bitty bottom lip started to quiver and 10 seconds late he began to cry.  I was shhhing and ooh I'm sorry and all that while giggling.  He was seriously freaked out.  Eventually I got him calmed down but he did not want to look at me after that.

And to think, I've finally gotten used to being around him without getting all sad and mushy and now he's terrified of me....



Singedwingangel said...

lmbo.. that reminds me of my mom.. she has false teeth and she has ALWAYS pushed her bottom plate out to babies playing with them. Her mom did it to us girls too. Usually the babies get a confused look and will try to grab the teeth or try to copy what she is doing. They always laugh. Until my youngest came along. She did that to him and he couldn't get enough distance between him and her, scrambling over people to get to me. It scared him to death and my mom felt awful. She hasn't done it to any baby since.

Draft Queen said...

poor kid!

Reminds me of my brother, who would opt to buy new socks and underwear, rather than do laundry weekly. I swear he had a month's worth of each.