Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I'm going to be brave

and submit a short story for a competition.

AND because I'm indecisive and think I'm sooo not good enough to get anyones attention, and can't make up my damn mind which to submit, I'd love for all of you lovely people to vote on which story you like best.  The poll is over there on the right ;).

The Stranger, in which vengeance is a tasty bitch.

Or Deathly Kiss, where temptation balances on the edge of terror.

I have until September to submit this, but please oh please let me know.  It costs money to enter or I'd submit both.


1 comment:

The Queen said...

Deathly kiss hooked me, held me, and I read to the end. the other one, I started, but was not interested. You have to keep in mind I hate anything western these days.. but I loved the deathly kiss..