Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The bizz of a SAHM

SAHM life is a business, did you know that?  We juggle our houses, children, spouses, pets, ourselves all at the same time every single day.  Some of us rock, some of us, ahem, sink.  But one thing we have, is each other to help get through all the mess.  Or at least that is how it should be.

It's weird I actually know of a few SAHM's in my 'circle' and yet we never really talk about that side of life.  Yeah we talk about kids sometimes, but not parenting tricks or ideas or cool projects to do with them or around the house.  Just OMG my child was a butt today or guess whose doing another fund raiser?  And just about all of us stash and dash whenever company comes over.  Where's the help ladies?  What's so hard about discussing that side of our job?

Oh I know what it is, judgement.  Too many people out there think they have it the right way and anyone else is wrong, wait not just wrong but a bad mother.  Those people I want to slap, and I do give them a good fuck you when the moment calls for it.  I am so allergic to bullshit, acchooooo.  I do not think I have it right, and I do not judge other's actions.  I was taught it wasn't my job to judge.

I have two kids, three pets and a husband and I feel all alone in this house.  Bo gets it, but he doesn't GET it like someone else in the same position does.  And I need more of those voices to show me I'm not alone, that other's go through the same thing every day.  Some worse than I've ever imagined.  But it's not just me that needs it, other SAHM's need it too.  This job isn't easy, it's hard (being a parent is hard period) and I think we need more connections and circles and help so that we remember why we chose to stay home, so that we can smile and be happy, and not have to fake it.

Are you with me?


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