Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's just around the corner

So yesterday my spiffy new jogging stroller arrived.  I would love to say that I'm dreading this new path on my journey or that I'm finding ways to avoid it and ignore the fact that I just spent $100 for a new stroller.  Except none of that is true.

You see, somehow, somewhere I suddenly got on board.  It scars me a little to be honest, because normally working out is the last thing on my mind, if I even think about it.  And now I've got this stroller and I find myself wondering if the weather is going to be good on my next walk and please oh please don't let anything come up. WHAT THE FIG NEWTONS!  Want to know how many times we've walked?  Once.  Just once, and it's been hit and miss for everyone since.  I'm frustrated and disappointed and ready to frickin get this ball rolling.  I know it will, and I know then I'll be complaining about exhaustion and sore thighs, but one day I'll be loving what I see in the mirror and that's all that I care about right now.

Things are slowly stacking up for me in other areas too and it's like I'm at the top of the hill and teetering on the edge.  I can see the bottom, I can see all the bumps and valleys and trees in my way but the bottom is calling my name.  Screaming it actually.  I'm on the verge of taking that step, I can feel it, I can taste it, but I'm holding tight and waiting for my moment.  I'm all jittery excited and I'm not entirely sure why yet.  Other than I'm getting better at not beating myself up about things and being happy with whatever I do accomplish each day.  Maybe that is all it is.  I do know that although my motivation is like negative 150, I'm antsy and excited to get started anyway.


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