Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's taking ovvvvverrrrr!!

Week two of couponing and I'm like OMG let's shop, let's find the deals, let's see how much we can save.  Ya'all I'm to the point I dream of coupons chasing me down the isle in Wal-Mart.  It's becoming an epidemic and I was warned, yes I was and I was like no no, I might have OCD but I never really get obsessed with something because I'm obsessed with EVERYTHING, including that little blade of grass, no that one riiiight there.  But right now it's like coupons are floating behind my eyeballs at all times, my palms are itching to go shopping and put this binder to use.

WTF have I gotten myself into?

Seriously, kinda scared and I've only just started.

Am I on my way to being an extreme coupon chick?  A lunatic coupon addict?  Cheese and rice someone save me.

This has to do with the fact that we have a list, that yes I check throughout the day to make sure it didn't disappear or the numbers changed on me, for our second couponing shopping trip that started out at $230 and we'll pay $53...OMG can I get a what the fuck, how, no way chick, whatever ya feeling exclamation. Yup that big of a drop, sweet huh?  After we saw the final numbers Bo and I looked at each other and were like no fucking way is that possible and we checked again and the numbers did not change.  We both started grinning like morons and high five-d each other.  SAAWWEETT!

Ever since then I'm like ok, what new sale can I add (I added two today, one where I can get nail polish for $.83 each, and Canadian bacon for $.47 each) on and I'm re-watching the Extreme Couponing episodes that I have and I'm taking notes.  I've gotten my mom and one sister and niece on board, although on board is more like me doing all the work cause they don't want to and going shopping for them.  Which I'm fine with, I'm having fun with this.  Again OMG this is freaky deaky.

So yeah, that's what I've been doing lately.  Coupon planning, organizing, sale matching, etc. and fantasizing about all the money we're saving and what that means for my closet our family.

Anything major in your neck of the woods??  Please share!  One of these days I want to do a story circle, we all share a story...I feel like I talk too much ;).



Jennifer said...

Your funny! I have always used coupons and saved a few bucks here and there. When I started blogging about a year and half ago and seen so many bloggers post store sales with coupon matchups and started reading how to shop at walgreens and cvs I got hooked. At first thats all i could think about too. I still am addicted and probably on my computer more than i should be. BUt i have learned i dont need to stockpile on things i dont need. couponing is addictive and i love it. it allows me to use the money elsewhere. have fun and dont worry if you miss a sale or coupon
i faithfully follow...livingrichwithcoupons, couponingtodisney, and raininghotcoupons for all my deals

Nikki said...

Oooh you just gave me more websites to stalk ;), kidding. I've been using mainly. I'll have to check these out. It's addicting but no I don't want a massive stockpile of things I don't use or will never use. I'm mainly doing this because my parents are retired and have a very small monthly income now; they took care of me and I'd like to return the favor.