Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shopping trip #2

There's a lot of good deals going on right now, and this is our first transaction of about 8 to get all the deals.  Eight trips to Walgreens and I'm happy about it.

The bad thing is, with a small town my store's stock is relatively small so today I couldn't get all that I'd planned on getting, two things they didn't have and one thing I could only get half of.  I was told the two out of stock items won't be in until Saturday at 10 am, and it'll be the first 10 customers who get them and since that's the last day of the sale I'm pretty sure the whole town will be waiting in line.  Not joking.  I was like duude can I just order them and she told me no that she started ordering for this sale 3 weeks ago and ordered as much as she could get.  I'm going to look into that because I was told you could order products if you were shopping in bulk.

Anyway here's our second haul:

After my last post I tried to break it down, and well I said I was bad at math and I still got it wrong in that post OMG.  It seems 1+1 is above my intelligence when multiple numbers are in question.  Once I get the hang of it I will break it down but for now, using the receipts and the math already done for me here is how the prices worked out...I also tweeted my price today after I left the store and got it way wrong then too.

What I got:  6 bottles of Windex Multi-surface, two different varieties of Theraflu, two varieties of Schick Quatro razor systems, and three varieties of Glade Tough Odor Spray.

Total amount before coupons and Register Rewards : $75.31
Total amount after coupons: $45.28
Total amount of RR : $19
Technically I paid only $26.28 for all those items!


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