Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm that wife

Family do not read any further.  I'm feeling froggy today and what is below is quite crude...

I ask my husband to watch porn so I can get some sleep.  Yup that's right I do and I'm not afraid to say so.  Because I know that my hubby would rather scrog me than watch porn any day, otherwise he wouldn't be humping my leg every night still...but it does help just enough to get a good 3 hours of sleep...most nights.

I also send him dirty texts all the time.  One in fact was not erased before he gave the phone away to a friend and now it's known around the office that not only do I give him head but I beg for it.  In fact, they know a lot of stories cause Bo can't help himself and has to share, it got to the point months and months ago that he was told it's getting old and they doubt he gets it on that often.  Now they hear the stories of him depantsing me in my sleep and waking up to me slapping the shit out of him because he'd once again sleep fucked me.

Today I thought I'd shake things up a bit and sent him a pic of my boobs.  And you know what I got?  NOTHING for 30 minutes.  Not a woohoo baby, not a wait a sec so I can view it properly someone is at my desk.  Nothing.  I was beginning to think his boss saw the pic somehow and he was now in her office getting his butt reamed for having a lewd wife.  I was really starting to panic and get worried when he FINALLY responds with:

lol just saw it... weak... just weak ;)

After all that I do, the lengths I go, and I get that?  Seriously?  Does he not remember who he's married to?


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Singedwingangel said...

bwhahah that is something I am so going to do when we switch to straight talk and I have picture messaging..